it started one night,

Late in a bar

. . . discussing life, liquor, and literature when the bartender (wearing a Mickey Mouse watch) stopped making the drink to check his Instagram alert. Stephen, annoyed, thought right then and there that everyone is glued to their screens and competing on social media. No one is living their own lives. They are comparing their lives to others through social media instead of living their lives for themselves.

Our watches grant people the power to narrate their journey through time. 

CORE TIMEPIECES was born alongside of the SEVEN SINS watch. We feel the watch has become a cultural icon that provides simplicity, style and craftsmanship. It creates a relationship with time; never ending, always progressing.

The First


Our team designed, engineered, and tested multiple prototypes before we produced a truly unique timepiece that was far from ordinary. During this time, no design aspect went untouched. Everything from sourcing the highest quality 316L stainless steel to construct the watch and metal strap, to perfectly designing the custom switch blade hands and first ever sins window. 

Finding our Passion


Building on the success of the Seven Sins Automatic watch CORE TIMEPIECES set out to design a quartz watch that showcased the passion that burns within all.

We are excited to continue innovating and designing and playing. We welcome you on the journey with us.

Expanding the Sins

Seven Sins Quartz

Black was the original but we felt the need to expand with more colors, finishes, and materials. Say hello to 3 new colors for the Seven Sins watch with a quartz movement. Embrace or rebel against your daily sins in a more colorful way.

2021 -

Things to come

You guys get the idea .... The future is bright (gotta wear shades) but uncertain. We will continue to innovate in creative and fun ways. We will continue engaging with you guys and listen to what you want. We are always creating and we hope you enjoy what we make. With that said there are skeletons, gold, accessories, events, giveaways, and debauchery in the future.... Keep engaging with us and we will keep making you guys happy. Thanks for the support. Can't wait for more fun!

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